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Leverage the Power of Functional Medicine

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Can't find the time for your health?

You can’t take the risk not to find the time? We need to value ourselves enough to INVEST in our future.

Time spent now is time saved later. Consider it a health savings account.

Dr. Blasi’s approach to designing a health plan always caters to each individual person and their particular health concerns. Our personalized wellness programs include comprehensive testing, clinical nutrition, detoxification, gut repair, hormone balancing, lifestyle modification, fitness, and botanical medicine. All with personal guidance and support of Dr. Blasi and her team.


We use comprehensive assessments designed to evaluate different systems in your body to highlight deficiencies and contributors to reduced health. Within this approach, we are achieving optimal health and wellness. 

Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition utilizes food as medicine and addresses establishing a balanced diet for optimal health and wellbeing. We have extensive training in clinical nutrition. We understand the role of proper nutrition as the basis for health and may use individual diet plans, supplements, or nutritive herbs as a means to safely address acute and chronic diseases. Within our program we guide you through a process of discovering your food triggers and helping you find the optimal diet.

Lifestyle Counseling

In our programs we address aspects of lifestyle including exercise, sleep, environmental exposures, and stress management. We formulate comprehensive plans for optimal wellbeing while empowering the patient to take responsibility for their own health.


As part of our programs, we are helping you incorporate exercise no matter where you are starting. Whether you just need to feel better so you can get moving or you need to find the right fitness plan to get the results that you want, we can help. Practicing what she teaches, Dr. Jenna exercises regularly and taught fitness classes for over 30 years. She enjoys inspiring people to make exercise a regular part of their routine. In fitness clubs she taught mat Pilates, spinning, kickboxing, and sculpt classes.

Botanical Medicine

Plants have been used medicinally for thousands of years for their healing properties and are the origins of many pharmaceutical drugs. Whether in teas, tincture, or standardized extract form, they may be included in a holistic wellness plan.

Are you worried I will take away your favorite foods?

We work with you, and our individualized treatment plans are designed to work with what’s best for you. I’m not interested in giving you long lists of what you have to avoid…wellness is balance and we work together to determine what this will look like for you.

Admittedly, I personally love kale and green drinks. But you may not. And I will respect that!

Are you worried about the cost?

People spend on average over $2000 a year on coffee. And billions of dollars a year on psychics. And billions on their pets—including millions on pet costumes alone. Isn’t it time to invest in YOU?

Can you put a price on feeling great?

  • Stable and joyful moods
  • Optimal energy all-day
  • Finding the balance of work/life/family
  • Sleeping through the night and waking refreshed
  • Feeling calm and energized throughout the day
  • Getting through allergy season hiking and symptom-free!
  • Becoming aligned with your life purpose that being said, we can review the variable levels of care and investment available to you to best serve your needs and goals.