Core Synchronism

Re-establishing Synchronistic Balance with the Core Current

Advanced Cranial-Sacral Therapy

Focused healing on a profound level. Offered virtually or in-person.

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Restoring Harmony to the Core

Core Synchronism (Core) is a gentle form of bodywork that addresses healing on a very profound level.  Core treatments honor the body’s inherent ability to self-correct; it is a system of hand medicine designed to assist nature in establishing harmony with all parts of the organism. When our body cannot self-correct it will adapt and when it can no longer adapt we become vulnerable to disease and degradation.

Hands-on Balanced Healing

Osteopath Dr. William Sutherland discovered the presence of subtle rhythms in the body over 100 years ago, which when palpated by a skilled therapist guides the body toward its innate determined self-correction, assisting the body past barriers or restrictions that may prevent healing. Core (similar to CranioSacral Therapy) is based on the philosophy of Cranial Osteopathy; Core is additionally founded on the philosophies of polarity therapy, natural therapeutics and the palpatory findings of Dr. Robert Stevens. These treatments are designed to assist nature in establishing harmony with all parts of the organism.

How does it work?

Core Synchronism can be done in-person or virtually.

Pain and other imbalances are the result of a body part (mental/emotional, etheric, physical) being out of synch with the core current and cerebral spinal fluid. Disharmonious motion causes friction that produces inflammation, which then results in pain or disease.

By re-establishing synchronistic balance with the core current, cerebral spinal fluid and the dyssynchronistic body part —through palpation and focused intent— harmony is restored to the organism thus breaking the pain-discomfort cycle.

What Conditions Does Core Synchronism Treat?

Core Synchronism is not pathology specific, but rather a mechanical system designed to restore harmony to the organism. Establishing balance results in activating an individual’s self-healing ability.

  • It is an effective form of treatment for a wide range of illnesses helping to create the optimal conditions for health, encouraging vitality and facilitating a sense of wellbeing.
  • It is suitable for people of all ages including babies, children and the elderly, and can be effective in acute or chronic cases.

What Should I Expect from a Session of Core Synchronism?

Core Synchronism can be done
in-person or virtually.

  • During a core treatment the client lies comfortably on the table, and remains clothed.
  • Since Core Synchronism treatments are deeply relaxing, you may fall asleep, which in no way reduces the potential effectiveness of the treatment.
  • There is no belief system required in order to benefit from the potential effectiveness of the treatment.
  • A person receiving treatment will feel the gentle touch of a practitioner’s hands on various parts of the body including the head, feet, and areas related to the locations of pain and discomfort.
  • Treatment sessions are typically 55 minutes.
  • It is not possible to predict how many treatments an individual will require to notice significant improvement. Core synchronism is a system that views inflammation and pain as mechanical dissynchronistic phenomena. In some cases the pain cycle may break in a single session. In other cases solving the mechanical mystery of pain and discomfort may take much longer.
  • Patients often report a sense of deep relaxation during and often for many days following the treatment session. Many fall asleep during the treatment while others remain alert to releases and flashes of insight that often occur.
Cranial osteopathy massage. Therapist massaging woman’s head.