Ascending to True Health

with Functional Medicine Expert and Critically Acclaimed Health Mentor Dr. Jenna Blasi.

Helping High Performing Women Feel Great Through All Stages Of Life.

I guide high-performing entrepreneurs to achieve optimal energy and hormonal balance.  

I believe we have incredible things to contribute to this world and we can only truly fulfill on this mission when we have optimal health and commitment to ourselves.

I’m a doctor, entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, mother of 2, and lover of nature.  As a busy working mom, I‘ve continually crafted the most successful ways to ‘hit my thrive’ and I help other women do the same.

So many women strive to have and be everything—successful careers, families, meaningful relationships…but that often seems to mean losing themselves, their joy, or their energy.  It doesn’t have to be this way.

Expert in Health Badassery

When we find our optimal health, we change the world.

It’s possible to be energized, have stable moods and hormones, great sleep, and feel amazing, all while having a successful career and home life.

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Live Webinar: Stress, Hormones & Health

Please join me for a free webinar “Stress, Hormones and Health”, to learn more about the underlying causes of chronic disease and how to get to the root cause of your disease.

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